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Finished Items for Sale

Just to be clear, as stated throughout our website, these are NOT REAL EAGLE FEATHERS!! They are replicas of eagle feathers made using turkey feathers. These items are completed and ready to ship. The photos are of the actual items for sale. The lengths specified include the entire feather, web and quill combined. All items are available for purchase unless otherwise marked as “SOLD”. PLEASE EMAIL (reallegalfeathers@yahoo.com) or CALL US @ 512-971-5579 IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN UNSOLD ITEMS!





27" dia. 30F Immature G Wing Bustle w/ 2 uprights and backboardItem #M141571
$285 + S&H
12" - 12F Single Band Tail SetItem #F141145
$180 + S&H
12" Imm G Thin-Cut Matched PairItem #F141143
$25 + S&H
12" 12F Imm G Tail SetItem #F141911
$180 + S&H
12" 5F Imm G Tail SetItem #F141951
$75 + S&H